Austin Auto Repair

In 1979, Austin’s Automotive Specialists, a household owned and regionally operated auto restore middle in Austin, TX, first opened its storage doorways. Austin’s Automotive Specialists was based upon the precept of offering high quality, dependable automotive upkeep and repairs with glorious customer support. Due to this precept, by the late 1980’s Austin’s Automotive Specialists had already grown to 4 places within the bigger Texas space.

Because the automotive restore trade developed within the early 90’s, so did our auto store. We grew together with everybody else, and added 4 extra shops between 1990 and 1997. We, similar to Austin, weren't accomplished rising there, and added our ninth store in 1999 adopted by a number of extra places between 2006 and 2007.

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(512) 220-1123 Reserve a loaner automobile and revel in our cafe & carwash at First Texas Honda, the place for categorical oil change and Austin Honda service and restore.

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