Axial Flux Motor

  At begin up, the mixed results of eddy currents within the metal inflicting induction motor motion and remanent magnetism within the metal inflicting the magnetic poles to observe the rotating discipline, collectively trigger the motor pace to construct up. Because the motor approaches synchronous pace the magnetic impact of the crossbars behaving like a everlasting magnet causes the motor to lock on to synchronous pace. The online result's that the torque is roughly fixed in any respect speeds.

In wound rotor motors the beginning present could be restricted by rising the resistance in collection with the rotor windings. In squirrel cage designs, digital management programs are used to regulate the present to forestall harm to the motor or to its energy provide. Even with present management the motor can nonetheless overheat as a result of, though the present could be restricted, the pace construct up is slower and the inrush present, although diminished, is maintained for an extended interval.

Thus T = k1 BI The place k1 is a continuing relying on the variety of stator turns, the variety of phases and the configuration of the magnetic circuit. The rotor velocity builds up as a result of motor motion described above, however because it does so, the relative movement between the rotating stator subject and the rotating rotor conductors is decreased.

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Controller gross dimensions: 17.1 x 7.9 W x  three.four H Controller Coolant Stream Price: three GPM / 12 LPM Controller Coolant Temp: -30 deg. C to +80 deg. C full energy Controller Coolant Kind: 50/50 combine ethylene glycol (antifreeze) / water or propylene glycol / water with Aluminum anti-corrosion additive This bundle comes with 5 hours of tech help included through SKYPE, e-mail or telephone. Improve-able to EVD260HV+* (see beneath) utilizing 250DZ inverter/controller at ~600Vdc – check with RED curves – contact for value/supply.

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– oil/water-glycol exchanger mounted on high – OPTIONAL Controller weight EACH: 26 lbs. x 2 Controller gross dimensions EACH:  three.four″ x 7.9″ x 17.1″ x 2 for two controllers (simpler to format/bundle than our PX controllers) Controller cooling – Eight-11L/min – water/glycol EVD300LV ~325Vdc – check with BLUE curves – identical sub-system price – (Additionally double values of single core curves REFER TO GREEN & DARK BLUE curves ) EVD300HV ~650Vdc –  For efficiency estimates, DOUBLE information from these SINGLE CORE/INVERTER curves -> RED & BLUE curves for 115 Collection wound core and for greater RPM functions,  on this identical graph, check with GREEN & PURPLE curves for identical sub-system with Parallel wound core delivering elevated energy to EVD200HV  (Yellow curves are for twin 150kW “R” model not customary controller/inverters 400Arms 600VDC) Improve-able with RMS250kW Inverter/controllers This bundle comes with 10 hours of tech assist included by way of SKYPE, e-mail or cellphone.

Controller gross dimensions: 17.1 x 7.9 W x  three.four H Improve-able to the EVD260HV+* drive sub-system w/ ~260kW peak utilizing SAME MOTOR however bigger 250kW Inverter/controller @ ~600Vdc – contact us for pricing/supply – consult with RED curves This package deal comes with 5 hours of tech assist included by way of SKYPE, e-mail or telephone. EVDrive makes use of these excessive efficiency motor/controller-inverter sub-systems in it’s personal full EVDrive-Practice programs it builds for it’s prospects.

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