Bmw Transmission Repair

It's 1/2" dr, 27mm, with 12 factors and particular cut-out part. Chrome end. Robust Chrome Vanadium Metal. Additionally good for Ford Diesel Lincoln Continental, Lincoln Mark VII and VIILSC.27mm 1/2" dr. 90mm lengthy. x       Drive Shaft  330 080New Quantity:83 30 zero 496 959 Particular Stahlwille 50mm open finish insert instrument. With 14x18mm German Customary mounting with locking pin. To suit a German Torque Wrench.

With spring loaded tip and sliding pointer and pocket clip. SAUER  6134020 Rear Brake Drum Alter Wrench. Just like outdated Stahlwille Quantity 12714. Can be utilized for manufacturing facility device 342 000. With 17mm ring and open finish. Good for Mannequin  BMW 2002. E12 and E21. No Longer Accessible!! HAZET2921 342 000 Used HAZET wrench for BMW Brake. For a similar job as BMW device quantity 342 000. This wrench has a particular bend wanted for the rear brake drum adjustment.

  Samstag Gross sales is completely happy to supply this outdated device. SOLD! None obtainable at the moment. $49.99 . Camshaft - Crankshaft . VANOS is used on some BMW engines. VANOS is a mixture of letters from the German phrases:VAriable NOckenwellenSteuerung, which interprets to Variable Camshaft Management. 111 22083 30 zero 490 726 Oil Seal Drift. For crankshaft oil seal of M70 engine. Particular order. Value on Request.

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