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Used 1993 Manufacturing unit Chevrolet Corvette service handbook 2 voume set. E book 1 consists of all besides driveability and emissions (6E) and electrical analysis (8A),e book 2 of two consists of driveability and emissions, and electrical analysis. Tons of knowledge and illustrations, covers the whole lot, no lacking pages.

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Two completely different ones are included with every valve package deal to accommodate the 2 completely different hose sizes. Step 7 07: Set up the o-rings on the valve meeting. Then match the nozzle as much as the valve meeting. Step eight 08: Set up the brand new washer pump valve meeting and nozzle onto the washer pump. Then set up the pump again onto the motor. Step 9 09: Right here it's assembled with the brand new valve package deal.

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Have you ever ever pressed your windshield washer button, heard the washer pump have interaction however the washers didn’t work? You test to verify the reservoir is full, the traces are all linked and never damaged and the nozzles are clear however nonetheless no washer fluid is pumped via the nozzles. The issue is normally the washer pump nozzle valve.That is the valve that's connected to the washer pump. This valve receives the water from the reservoir after which the pump forces the water out via the nozzle valves.

Observe alongside as we restore our Corvette’s washer valve on our challenge 64 Corvette and see simply how easy it's to make your washers work like new once more. Click on on the photographs for expanded views – it’s a lot simpler on the eyes.  Step 1 01: Right here is our Corvette wiper motor with the entire objects included with the WW-206 Washer Pump Valve Package. We eliminated our wiper motor from the automotive in order that we may present the restore extra clearly.

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