Custom Metal Guitars

As a used, restore and customized store, our stock is altering continuously, so, in case you have anyinterest or questions simply name510-841-4106between midday and 6 any day however Sundays and our professional workers of curmudgeons and crackpots willbe glad that can assist you out.Bargains for musicians.Customized constructed, factory-direct, bizarre and loopy string devices. FatDog Portrait by Johnny Otis, 1995 "Pha T. Duag" Our Founder New: Fatdog's Bazaar of 10,000 thingsAntiques, memorabilia, customizations and elements for collectors and DIY fans Subway Guitars1800 Cedar StreetBerkeley, California 94703(510) 841-4106midday til six, Monday via SaturdayPacific Time Greater than 3000 outdated guitars, basses and amps in inventory.

BASS GUITARS. FatDog's whole stock of latest, used, classic, custom-designed, and downright freaky basses. LEFT-HANDED GUITARS AND BASSES. Fatdog gives a numerous array of necks and our bodies made of various woods. He makes many devices -- only for you, Lefty -- from new, previous inventory our bodies which are completed and sure -- and at virtually no (that is $ZERO$) additional cost.Fatdog has simply in the present day unearthed eight (eight) new lefty bass our bodies and eighteen (18) lefty stratocaster our bodies.

... HIGH QUALITY CUSTOM BASS GUITARS Here is a brand new sequence of high quality customized basses that my buddy, Romain, is constructing and assembling out of alot of previous inventory and components -- like Alembic, Warmoth and Bartolini. I name it a brand new world/previous world fusion, combining to make these fabulous new basses. KOOKIE DOOKIE! Fatdog is unleashing upon the world bizarre, wild, weird and demented Eurodrek devices -- together with 60s guitars made in Sweden, England, Italy, Holland, Germany.

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Identical to there are variations within the properties between completely different metals, and completely different plastics, it will be incorrect to imagine that the variations in timber haven't any impact.The primary proprties of timber that we imagine have an effect on the tone are;- Hardness- Density- Grain structure- Porosity- Moisture content- Oil contentThese properties all contribute to have an effect on the quantity of vitality, and the frequencies, that are Absorbed or Mirrored by the timber through the guitar string vibration.

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Why then is there an argument that the timber makes little to no distinction, and that the sound is totally dependant on the pickups and the amplifier?Admittedly, there's a considerably much less apparent affect of the tonewood on an electrical guitar sound, and its far more tough to detect for an untrained ear. Nevertheless, wooden is a cloth, with variation in properties from species to species, even inside the similar species.

PLEASE NOTE - LIMITED AVAILABILITY OF ALDER AT PRESENTAmerican Basswood - The timber popularised by Ibanez, on account of its mild weight and intensely effectively balanced tonal properties. PLEASE NOTE - LIMITED AVAILABILITY OF BASSWOOD AT PRESENT. Australian Ash - The native Australian equal of Ash, just like the dense American Ash, with its glowing readability and scooped mid timbres. Not in the identical botanical household because the American Ash, however we imagine the closest in construction and weight.

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