Kayak Motor Kit

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Used this package to put in the transducer that comes with the HDR-650 depth gauge in a Hobie Tandem Island. I mounted it proper behind the mast pocket, which made set up rather more troublesome since I could not actually see or attain the world simply.The package was superb, no actual set up points. The readings I am getting capturing via the plastic TI hull appear correct, however I have not used a tape measure within the water to confirm.

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It might be good to have extra of a "gel" medium to mattress the transducer in.Dropped a star for the worth and one for the potential grease leakage/mess. Apart from that, this equipment does do the job it was designed for.

It was studying 2.7 toes once I was standing subsequent to the TI... in about 2.7 toes of water.Professionals:Appears nicely thought out, with the primer and adhesive, and so on. The grease (I assume) does an excellent job of permitting the sound waves by means of it with out interference.Cons:Costly for what you get. I actually surprise about future mess from the grease, because it is not sealed in. The transducer I put in suits the rubber "shoe" pretty shut, so I hope that can restrict leakage.

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