Klixon Motor Protector

It features as a self-resetting thermal cut-out (kind 2B), thermal motor protector (kind 3C) and thermal protector for ballasts. / Prime Company File Quantity CQC CQC02002001340CQC02002001341Protectors aren't utilized in CCC (China Obligatory Certifications) at current, so YS11 can't have CCC. CQC (China High quality Certification Centre) is a nationwide certification physique for home equipment in China.

) ENEC 2014531.17 for thermal cut-out, motor, and ballast safety UL E15962 for motor protectorE34618 for temperature indicating and regulation purposes Efficiency Traits / High Customary Working Temperature Vary 45°C to 150°C in increments of 5K Tolerance on Open Temperature ±5K Most Temperature of Swap Head 150°C Contact Capability TCO, TMP: 7A 250Vac, 10A 125VacTCO: 6A 24Vdc, 15A 18VdcBallast: 2A 250Vac Working Time Steady Air pollution Soiled Extent of Sensing Ingredient Complete management

Web site Up to date February 16, 2018 Sensata > Merchandise > Klixon Model > Motor Controls >Klixon® YS11 collection battery protector, small thermal motor protector, thermal cut-out With plastic casing Be aware: The Klixon YS11 has changed the 4MM and 6MM. Options and Overview / High • Snap–motion Klixon disc • ENEC, UL, and CQC approvals • Temperature vary: 45°C to 150°C • Plastic case • Dependable lengthy life • Automated reset thermal cut-out (sort 2C) CODE: YS11 Collection YS11 was developed to guard folks and property from accidents occuring in fan motors, washing machines, and so forth.

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Observe: The Klixon 2CR has been changed by the 4CR. Options and Overview / Prime • Dependable operation • Lengthy life impartial of mounting place • Begin winding present ranking: 25 amps • Big selection of decide–up and drop–out scores • Small measurement for set up in compact gear • Economical The Klixon 4CR present sort motor beginning relay is a compact, excessive capability relay designed for common software.

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Product Makes use of / Prime • Common software • Single–part • Cut up–part • Capacitor begin

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