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It doesn't forbid fulfilling two Mitzvot by means of a single act. Thus, for instance, the Talmud Yerushalmi permits one to drink wine produced from fruits of Shemita (fruits from the "sabbatical" yr) to satisfy the duty to drink 4 cups of wine on Pesach. Although partaking of Shemita produce constitutes a Mitzva, and consuming this wine thus fulfills two Mitzvot concurrently, that is nonetheless permissible as a result of solely a single Mitzva act is carried out.

On this context Chacham Ovadia tells the story associated by Rabbi Menachem Mendel Morgenstern of Kotzk (Poland, 1787-1859) concerning the father of his son-in-law, Rabbi Avraham Borenstein of Sochatchov (the "Avnei Neizer," Poland, 1839-1910). One yr, throughout the Purim festivities, Rabbi Avraham's father moved away from the celebration and commenced learning Torah. The Rabbi of Kotzk remarked that at that second, Rabbi Avraham's father was the one individual on this planet engaged in Torah studying, as everyone else was preoccupied with the Purim celebrations.

It was due to this fact he who sustained the world throughout these moments, and for this was rewarded with a son who would turn into one of many main Torah sages of his era.If an individual completes a Masechet (Talmudic tractate) on Purim, could he mix the Siyum (celebration of finishing a tractate) with the Purim meal? A basic Halachic precept forbids merging Mitzvot collectively reasonably than paying particular person consideration to every ("Ein Osin Mitzvot Chavilot Chavilot").

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