Metal Craft Industries

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WELCOME TO METAL CRAFT UAE Steel craft engineering industries L.L.C is predicated within the emirates of Sharjah Industrial Space 13. And is a professionally managed engineering and manufacturing group. Steel craft has assembled a broadly skilled administration crew with backgrounds in oil and fuel sector. We've got fielded skilled Engineers and certified staff to fulfill buyer necessities for design fabrication, and set up of assorted Carbon Metal, Stainless Metal and Aluminum merchandise.

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" "Guarantee buyer satisfaction by the supply of agreed services and products." "Promote high quality in all jobs aiming to keep away from buyer complaints and enhance buyer satisfaction. Copyright � 2012 Fabrication, Erection, Pipeworks, Structural Metal Works, Portray Fabrication, Erection, Pipeworks, Structural Metal Works, Portray

We have now our presence in Oil & Gasoline, Marine, Water therapy, Petrochemicals & Development Industries. Administration of Steel Craft is devoted to supply prime quality providers and merchandise on a constant foundation. Steel Craft's aim is to realize engineering excellence in software of technical experience for a top quality managed resolution. Our skilled and devoted groups of execs have made it attainable to ship high quality services and products to our shoppers on time "Present services and products which fulfill buyer necessities and authorized/regulatory necessities, the place relevant.

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