Metal Price Per Pound

About Copper Copper futures are hedging instruments that supply copper worth mitigation alternatives to a variety of market members. In addition they present international worth discovery and alternatives for portfolio diversification, in addition to: Intensive buying and selling alternatives, as copper costs are delicate to cyclical industries, comparable to building and industrial equipment manufacturing, in addition to to political conditions in international locations the place copper mining is government-controlled The advantages of central clearing, together with assured counterparty credit score and segregation of buyer funds Copper worth transparency, giving all market members equal entry whereas sustaining anonymity in all bids and affords Issues to know in regards to the contracts: Bodily delivered Block-trade eligible Might be traded off-exchange for clearing solely by way of CME ClearPort

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This materials for casting components with low tensile energy  1 - 5 lb zero.68  zero.5 - 2 kg 1.50 1499  5 - 50 lb zero.62  2 - 20 kg 1.37 1372  50 - 100 lb zero.62  20 - 50 kg 1.37 1372  100 - 2000 lb zero.68  50 - 1000 kg 1.50 1499 DUCTILE CAST IRON1. Grades in ASTM A536, DIN 1693, EN 1563, AS 18312. This materials for casting components with excessive tensile energy  1 - 5 lb zero.73  zero.5 - 2 kg 1.61 1611  5 - 50 lb zero.

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  The next desk is itemizing the gray forged iron and ductile iron costs per lb, kg and ton from dandong foundry. Hope it might assist the patrons to do the approximate analysis to the costs of iron castings. Materials of Castings Unit Weight of Casting (LB) Value(USD/LB) Unit Weight of Casting (KG) Value(USD/KG) Value(USD/TON) GRAY CAST IRON1. Grades in ASTM A48, DIN 1691, EN 1561, AS 18302.

67  2 - 20 kg 1.48 1483  50 - 100 lb zero.67  20 - 50 kg 1.48 1483  100 - 2000 lb zero.73  50 - 1000 kg 1.61 1611 These costs are simply EXW, so they don't embrace machining, portray, packing and supply prices. For extra correct casting costs, please use our "Solid Iron Value Calculator". If you wish to calculate the forged metal casting costs, please discuss with "Solid Metal Costs per lb, kg and ton".

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