Montessori Metal Insets

The Geometric Cupboard is a Sensorial materials used with an extended collection of classes that final all through many of the Main years (ages Three-6) in a Montessori classroom.  The cupboard comprises 6 drawers, every containing Four-6 cut-out picket shapes with knobs on high.  (I’ve posted images of every drawer in a later submit.) Drawer 1:  6 circles, various in diameter from 10 cm to five cm Drawer 2:  6 rectangles, various in measurement from 10×10 cm to 10×5 cm Drawer Three:  6 several types of triangles Drawer Four:  6 totally different common polygons (pentagon to decagon) Drawer 5:  Four curvilinear figures (oval, ellipse, curvilinear, triangle, quatrefoil) Drawer 6:  Four rectilinear figures (rhombus, parallelogram, proper trapezoid, and isosceles trapezoid) The collection of classes begins with getting acquainted with the 2D shapes by tracing them and discovering the matching body, then studying the names of the shapes, then matching the shapes with playing cards positioned at a distance – first with a filled-in model of the shapes, then a thick define, and at last a skinny define.

  That used up all my white, although, so I’ll possible be utilizing totally different colours for different drawers.  That’s not excellent, as a result of among the classes contain utilizing a number of drawers directly, and having totally different colours would take plenty of the problem out of that.  So I assume I’ll both purchase extra foam or simply permit the totally different colours.  (Pardon me as I refine my plan as I kind!) I purchased some wood “doll heads” at a craft retailer, which work properly for the knobs on prime of the figures.

What about you?  Have you ever made a DIY Geometric Cupboard a distinct means?  I might like to see it – particularly when you've got a greater thought for the cupboard itself.  Hmmm…as I’m typing this, I’m considering a puzzle shelf may make a great shelf…  Has anybody tried that? Commercials

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