Motor Frame Chart

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Like Causes: What To Do:     Rotor could also be hanging stator. Be certain that motor was not broken in cargo. Body damagemay not be repairable. If you happen to can't see bodily harm,examine the motor’s rotor and stator for strike marks. If indicators ofrubbing are current, the motor must be changed. Sometimessimply disassembling and reassembling motor eliminates rubbing. Endbells are additionally generally knocked out of alignment throughout transportation.

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Like Causes: What To Do:     Load too excessive. Confirm that the load just isn't jammed. If motor is a alternative,confirm that the score is similar because the previous motor. If previousmotor was a particular design, a inventory motor will not be ready toduplicate the efficiency. Take away the load from the motor and examine the amp draw of the motor unloaded. It needs to be lower than the complete load score stamped on the nameplate.

  Ambient temperature too excessive. Confirm that the motor is getting sufficient air for correct cooling. Most motors are designed to run in an ambient temperature of lower than 40°C. (Observe: A correctly working motor could also be scorching to the contact.)   Protector could also be faulty. Substitute the motor’s protector with a brand new one of many identical ranking.   Winding shorted or grounded. Examine stator for defects, or unfastened or minimize wires that will trigger itto go to floor.

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