Private Pilot Syllabus

Bob Gardner is a long-admired member of the aviation neighborhood. He started his flying profession as a passion in Alaska in 1960 whereas within the U.S. Coast Guard. By 1966, Bob earned his Non-public land and sea, Industrial, Instrument, Teacher, CFII, and MEL. Over the following 16 years he was an teacher, constitution pilot, company and freight Captain, and Director of ASA Floor Colleges.Presently, Bob holds an Airline Transport Pilot Certificates with single and multi-engine land scores; a CFI certificates with instrument and multi-engine land scores; and a Floor Teacher's Certificates with superior and instrument scores.

As well as, Bob is a Gold Seal Teacher and has been instructing since 1968. To high off this spectacular record of accomplishments, Bob can also be a widely known creator, journalist, and airshow lecturer.

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