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Ginny S. Mitchell, Register of Deeds Ava Brackin, Assistant. Welcome to the Caswell County Register of Deeds On-line. Our workplace is positioned on Church Road in ...

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The Register of Deeds Workplace performs a variety of companies to the skilled neighborhood and to most of the people. An important information within the county are saved on this workplace; information affecting the folks of McDowell County. Our information are like a snapshot in time of these essential milestones in an individual's life: beginning, marriage, shopping for a house, army service, and dying.  The Workplace serves a crucial position in county authorities.

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Data affecting the financial viability of the county, the historical past of the county, and the non-public lives of its citizens-all reside right here. Possession rights and claims on property represent main wealth in American society. One of many largest investments an individual makes in his or her lifetime is the acquisition of a house. Mortgages are a crucial element of the monetary business. The native authorities property tax base is made doable from the information contained within the Register of Deeds Workplace.

  Actual property paperwork reminiscent of deeds, deeds of belief, and maps and plats are recorded right here. We situation marriage licenses, and keep beginning and dying data. We situation notary oaths and keep notary commissions. Quite a few miscellaneous paperwork could also be recorded in compliance with statutes. We additionally file armed forces discharges and situation licensed copies of them to our army, freed from cost, to the Veteran.

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