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Hans (10 out of 10 )Top-of-the-line motion pictures ever made!!!!!!! theoneofblood (1 out of 10 )It is hilarious how cliche'd and pathetic this early model is. It is a mircale Spielberg was capable of salvage something first rate out of it in any respect. For God's sake, cigar-chomping Cap'n Miller speaking about SARGE. Jesus. Limey (7 out of 10 )I feel Shaving Ryan’s Privates is a hideously distasteful strategy to keep in mind the brave useless of the Normandy Landings.

I am sorry, however all you who assume America has been over-represented are army ignoramuses who do not know flanking from recon. Francine (10 out of 10 )I cried on the finish when Tom Hanks died. I completely love him. Zen (10 out of 10 )Jesse, I am impressed together with your so referred to as "perception" as to the failure to this film. Let's examine you make a greater film. I have been in a battle (Gulf Conflict 1) and I did get to go see this film with a primary wave survivor at Normandy.

I guess you that as many individuals die within the film as germans do, for me this film is totally superb, give it respect. Limey (7 out of 10 )Oscars are usually not an correct measure of film greatness Jordan - merely a reputation contest! Dravin     (10 out of 10 )To be trustworthy, this is without doubt one of the greatest struggle film ever made. When you've got been in struggle, you will know what they imply or attempting to say on this film.

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