Private Investigator Internship

(NRS 648.030, 648.110)  An applicant for a polygraphic examiner’s license who has been conducting polygraphic examinations on this State below an intern’s license issued by the Board should exhibit that she or he has participated in and accomplished this system of internship in accordance with NAC 648.370, 648.375 and 648.380.      (Added to NAC by Priv. Investigator’s Lic. Bd., eff. 12-28-83) — (Substituted in revision for NAC 648A.

     four.  If a licensee determines that the provisional registration or registration of an individual who applies for employment with the licensee has been denied, suspended or revoked by the Board, the licensee shall notify the applicant that she or he should contact the Board to acquire info regarding the denial, suspension or revocation.      5.  Every licensee shall preserve a passport-size of every individual employed by the licensee.

(NRS 648.030)      1.  An individual who's licensed as a firearms teacher by the Board shall not conduct a course of coaching in carrying, dealing with and utilizing firearms safely for the needs of NRS 648.030 until the course follows the curriculum established in NAC 648.346.      2.  An individual who fails to adjust to subsection 1 is topic to:      (a) The issuance of a letter by the Government Director that requires the individual to stop and desist conducting the course of coaching;      (b) Disciplinary motion, which can embrace, with out limitation, probation, suspension or revocation of his or her certification; or      (c) A nice for the price of any investigation into the individual’s failure to adjust to that subsection.

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