Tory Burch Private Sale

four million.The four,400 sq. foot property’s fortunate new proprietor is Lyor Cohen, a music mogul who dated designer Tory Burch for 5 years, earlier than breaking apart in 2013.Mr Cohen has really been residing within the property on a rental-basis for the final 12 months, and bartered the house’s worth down from its authentic itemizing of $16.5 million. He beforehand lived in a six-story townhouse on the Higher East Facet The Home: Steve Ells, founding father of Chipotle, has his Manhattan townhouse to music mogul Lyor Cohen for $11.

four million Quaint library: Positioned on a quiet metropolis avenue, the home looks as if a terrific place to unwind with a guide His new residence - a 24-foot-wide townhouse - has 4 bedrooms, 4 bogs, and a yard terrace. The Greek-revival construction dates again to 1898.Its brick façade lends an old-world contact to what's in any other case a completely trendy home. Pictures present rooms adorned with up to date and post-modern impressed furnishings.

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