Computer Account Created

Operating SystemsWindows Server 2000
Windows 2003 and XP

CategoryAccount Management
Type Success


Corresponding events
in Windows 2008
and Vista 4741

“Caller” user created a new computer account. Note that internally Windows appends a $ to all computer account names and this is reflected in other events where computer account names are listed.

Computer Account Created:
New Account Name:COMP1$
New Domain:ELMW2
New Account ID:comp1
Caller User Name:Administrator
Caller Domain:ELMW2
Caller Logon ID:(0x0,0x12D622)
Windows Server 2003 adds these fields
Sam Account Name:FILESERVER12$
Display Name:-
User Principal Name:-
Home Directory:-
Home Drive:-
Script Path:-
Profile Path:-
User Workstations:-
Password Last Set:

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